The Pendulum - Lesson Two
by Joe Smith

Depending on the person when I pick up a pendulum I'm in alpha just like that. I'm sure that 29 years of dowsing has something to do with that. The hardest thing about dowsing is getting removed from the subject, being neutral at all times. You can't let the answer to the dowsing problem make any difference to to. Like I say it is hard to do but that is the only way to get correct answer. 

You must!! get the $$ signs out of your eyes before you dowse. Example would be counting the money from an oil well before it is even dowsed or drilled. Dowsing the out come of a horse race you have money on. Things like that.

One way to get yourself into alpha is to sit in a quiet place and count backwards from a hundred to 0 . Fact is it might put you deeper than that. But even easier than that is just ask your pendulum to please place you in alpha and watch it for a short time. It should be turning in a clockwise motion and as soon as it quits you are ready to dowse.

 Dowsing is just as hard as you want to make it or as easy as you want to make it. It is a natural ability that we all have. You do not have to belong to any church or special club or believe in any thing only that it does work. . Leave religion out of it. 

Your pendulum can almost talk to you though all the different moves it can do, if you can just learn to interrupt them. The standard yes-no moves you already know. 

The this is oil, or this is gas.. the action might look the same for you but as you get into dowsing you will understand. When crossing a water vein you can ask for the energy that is being produced, same with an oil or gas vein. The pendulum will spin a circle both clockwise and counter clockwise. 

For oil it will spin clockwise and for gas counter clockwise. The rate of spin is an indication as to the energy in the zones. Also if you were in heavy oil the spin would almost drag, especially with an L rod. I can't began to tell you of all the variations of all the moves that take place. Almost as if the tools are talking to you. 

Spirit guide signal in like a *, the pendulum will make elongated circles while rotating around at the same time. Each guide will be just a little different from the last one. Just start your pendulum in a yes motion and ask for "your" spirit guide to come in and watch the pendulum. When you are dowsing in a strong gas zone the pendulum will almost lift up in its moves, kind of jump at the end of it swing. The yes-no moves are really just the tip of the iceberg. Have fun.


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